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Sindh Solar Scheme 2024

This is the latest news for all Sindhi residents and BISP beneficiaries. Since electricity prices are very high right now, the government of Sindh has introduced a new plan. They will provide affordable solar panels to 200,000 families in Sindh.

Sindh Solar Scheme 2024

If you want to know more about the new Solar Panel Program in Sindh, keep reading to learn when people will get solar panels, how much it will cost to buy and install them, and who can benefit from this program in 2024.

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Solar Panel For 200,000 Sindh Families

The governments of Punjab and Sindh plan to sell solar panels at affordable prices so people can generate their own energy. Under the Solar Panel Scheme in Sindh, 200,000 families will get solar systems cheaply. Most of these families live in remote areas. This project will make energy more accessible, help the environment, and reduce the need for government energy production. Each solar system will power a fan and three LED bulbs.

Solar Panel Scheme 2024 Update

The frustration of buying an expensive solar system for your home is now over. With help from the World Bank, the Sindh government has announced a new Solar Panel Scheme. Families in the region can get one of 200,000 solar panels for just Rs 7000. This offer is for people living in rural areas where electricity is expensive and they can't afford it. The World Bank has given the project $32 million, giving it a chance to get more money.

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50,000 Solar Panels at Rs 7000 Karachi Families

The Sindh Solar Panel Scheme now helps 50,000 families in Karachi. People in Karachi can install solar panels in their homes for only 7000 Rupees. The Sindh Chief Minister announced this, and more details will be shared soon. This information will explain how people can sign up for the scheme in 2024 and who can get solar panels for 7000 Rupees.

Solar Panel For 200,000 Sindh Families

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List Of Items Included In Sindh Solar Panel Scheme

The systems will include: 

Solar panels: 

High-efficiency photovoltaic panels are designed to convert sunlight into electrical energy. 

Charge controllers: 

Devices that regulate the voltage and current from the solar panels to the batteries prevent overcharging and extend battery life. 


Durable, long-lasting storage units that store the electrical energy generated by the solar panels for use during non-sunny periods.

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Solar Panel Distribution Strategy

Here's the plan for giving out solar panels in Sindh:

  • The Sindh government will provide solar panels to 200,000 homes. 

  • Families in Karachi will get 50,000 of these panels. 

  • Each district in the province will get 6,656 solar systems.

Eligibility For Sindh Solar Panel Scheme 

The government of Sindh says that only certain families can have solar panels in their homes. These families must use less than 100 units of electricity each month. The government will cover all the costs for the installation of solar panels.

Solar Panel Distribution Date

The Sindh Government has announced that they'll start giving out the Sindh Solar Panel System in October 2024 after they finish buying them. So, keep checking to see the newest Government plans in Pakistan.

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Final Words

The Sindh Solar Scheme will give cheap solar panels to 200,000 families in the province. The World Bank is helping a lot with this project. Its goal is to help people in rural and poor areas who struggle to pay for electricity.

Beginning in October 2024, families who qualify will get solar energy systems at a low cost. This helps the environment and lets people make their own energy. Giving folks in Sindh better, cheaper renewable energy options is a big move. Keep an eye out for more info on how to sign up.

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