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Balloting date announced for Punjab e-bike scheme 2024

The Punjab government picked a date for the Punjab e-Bike Scheme. This project is for students who need it. It was started by CM Maryam Nawaz. Punjab's Transport Minister, Bilal Akbar Khan, led a meeting to check how well a plan is going. The plan is to give 20,000 bikes to students who need them.

Balloting date announced for Punjab e-bike scheme 2024

The meeting showed that lots of students applied for bikes. More than 100,000 students applied, which is a huge number and shows they are really excited. They decided that tomorrow, May 10th, they will choose 20,000 students to get bikes.

Here's a simpler version: "Maryam Nawaz, the Chief Minister, started a plan on April 12 to give out 20,000 bikes to young people as part of a project called the Chief Minister Youth Initiative."

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Punjab e-bike scheme
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The leader of Punjab, CM Punjab, started a plan. It helps students get motorcycles and e-bikes. They can pay for them every month easily. Boys can pay Rs 11,676 monthly, and girls can pay Rs 7,325 monthly.

Half of the city spots will go to boys and half to girls. But in rural places, most of the spots, 70 percent, will be for boys and 30 percent for girls.

We'll give out motorcycles in Lahore depending on how many people live in each area. This means every student in the region can get one fairly.

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